Window Cleaning Tips

“What’s the secret to getting the windows spotlessly clean?”  is the question that we often get everytime we chat with our customers. So we thought we’d list a few window cleaning tips that we’ve found works quite well for us. Hope this helps!

  1. Use good quality window cleaning tools. There’s nothing more frustrating than starting work on your windows and suddenly your extension pole breaks!

  2. Choose a concentrated liquid window cleaner that doesn’t leave any residue.

  3. Get a few top quality squeegees in different sizes. For us, this is one of the most important tools so we make sure we always have several in our bucket.

  4. Other equipment you’ll need for window cleaning are:

    • A bucket big enough to fit different sizes of squegees

    • Washer with wand

    • Scraper to remove stubborn stains

    • Extension poles to reach high windows

  5. After washing, make sure to properly dry your windows using a soft cloth instead of leaving them to air dry for a more spotless clean.

  6. Be careful when rubbing off stubborn marks. You can use a scraper but be sure to pass the blade in a forward motion so you don’t leave streaks.

Don’t feel like cleaning your windows yourself? Give us a call. We’re here to help!


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